Playing with paper

When I’m down in Devon, I quite often go to Totnes (pronounced Tott Ness), a charming old medieval town with a steep, narrow main street. It has a very hippy, arty vibe with lots of alternative shops, craft shops, cafes, art galleries and vintage shops.

One of my favourites is an old-fashioned stationer. They have lots of beautiful things but I particularly love the packs of assorted Japanese handmade papers.

A small selection of Japanese papers

I’ve been squirreling these papers away for some time and using them in card making, but I’d long wanted to try making collage pictures with them. This first attempt was loosely inspired by a wheat field just down the road. I had to experiment a bit with the best methods of fixing the paper, especially for the translucent pieces (like the clouds) so it wouldn’t be visible. In the end I used thin strips of double-sided tape.

House on a hill

The second was based on a beach in Antigua where my brother was married three years ago. My parents also celebrated their wedding anniversary while we were there, so it seemed an appropriate topic for their wedding anniversary card. As my dad pointed out, the flower turned out looking a bit Christmassy. Ah well.

Antiguan beach

On the subject of wedding anniversaries, this last card was made for my brother’s 3rd wedding anniversary. Apparently the symbols for this anniversary are  leather and crystal and the flower is fushia. I gave the cat a fuschia-coloured collar made from suede with a Swarovski crystal charm. (The bride also loves Swarovski crystals and wore them on her wedding day.) The card was a variation on my ‘cat watching leaves’ cards. The lovely cream, textured card with brown envelope also came from the Totnes stationer.

Cat watching butterflies


4 thoughts on “Playing with paper

  1. Carla

    Ohhh, beautiful papers *swoons*

    also – Totnes!! One of my friends from uni lives there and keeps saying I should go and visit – I definitely should if it means seeing you as well! 🙂


  2. kirosl Post author

    You would both be in absolute heaven! I can’t think of a place on this earth you would like more 🙂


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