Shrinky adventures, parts 2 and 3

The next installement in my continuing quest to make something that could actually be worn as jewellery out of shrinky plastic… (Part one, here.)

This are the result of my second test batch. Penny for scale.

Shrinky plastic...things...

The black squares on the top row had the images hand drawn on with silver permanent marker. I think this idea could work, although both the images are a bit rubbish. The butterflies were stamped on translucent shrinky. I’m not keen on the colour, but the image came out quite well.

On the left I cut a disk from white plastic and then punched with with my flower punch. The large piece could work, I think, although it would have to better centred in the disk. The little flower pieces (in which I punched holes) might be good for something.

The orange/red/purple rectangle was punched using my leaf punch then coloured with pastels. The colours are a bit 80s but the concept may have some milage. The black rectable is just designed to go behind another piece.  The leaves are a variation on the single leaf I did before. They have a hole at each end and could be strung on cord or a chain. This is probably my favourite of the batch.

Third batch of shrinklettes

This batch was mostly done with a new shape punch I bought yesterday. The paper disk shows you it full size, before shrinking.

On the top row are the bits left after the shape was punched. I like to use every last bit of plastic 🙂 I cut round them and they are kind of cog-like. You can see the distortion they go through on heating (they should be perfect rounds) and also how much more the black shrinks than the clear.

The back disks were stamped with black ink (which just showed up on the matte, sanded surface) which I then drew over with silver pen. The rest were stamped with black ink (sadly the only permanent ink I actually have) and then coloured either with pastels or permanent markers. I still haven’t got to grips with how the colours change and intensify once shrunk, so I think I might have to do a sample piece of all the colours. The brown on (top right) didn’t work at all as it became so dark the image was lost. I think the most successful is the pink flowery button on the bottom row.

I have something exciting planned for my 4th test batch…!


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