Yet more shrinking

I will make something that can be used in a piece of jewellery!!!

Here are this weekend’s experimentations.

The top rainbow strip is a reference piece to show how the colour of my permanent markers change when shrunk. The paler and darker of each colour shows one or two layers. Across the top is varnished to show how that changes it too. I want to do a similar one for my pastels. As you can see, the markers all give very strong colours and can go quite streaky over large areas. Pastels give smoother coverage and allow the use of paler and more subtle colours, including blending.

Left to right.

Leaves. On clear shrinky (sanding on both sides makes it look frosted) I stamped leaves and coloured them with pastels. This has had a couple of coats on varnish. I’m having trouble applying the varnish without leaving air bubbles in it. I need to work on this.

Pink tag. Pink marker and stamped in black on white shrinky.  The marker goes too dark once shrunk, so this one doesn’t work.

Butterflies. Clear shrinky, sanded. Stamped with butterflies on front, pink pastel on back. Two coats of varnish on front. This gives a much nicer shade that works with the black ink.

Black skrinky, supposed to be a balloon. It’s too small and doesn’t look much like one!  I have lots of ideas for this, e.g. I’d planned to hang the basket with silver chain, but it needs to be much larger.

Rocket.  This is clear shrinky hand-cut to shape. After shrinking I coloured the edges in black with a permanent marker and applied varnish and clear glitter to the front. The bottom half also had some silver mica powder added to the varnish, but I prefer the clearer look of the top half. I plan to make more of these with a better template. Could look really cute on a silver chain with some silver stars. I also plan to hang red and orange swarovski crystals from the bottom to look like the flames.


One thought on “Yet more shrinking

  1. Carla

    Squee, that rocket is exactly like the one on Rusty’s back window… not that I have a photo to hand, but it made me smile 🙂 Muchly approve of the sample for colours, I’m always being caught out by how much darker it gets!

    Meant to say the other day, coloured pencil works and stays ok, but I’m in the process of wearing my Beetle necklace to see how well it stands up to daily life without varnish!



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