Following my resolution to concentrate fully on my goal of becoming an author, one of the things I plan to do is read more writing advice. I bought this book secondhand a few years ago but haven’t yet read it properly. (They transmit the information direct to your brain from the book shelf, dontyaknow?)

The Writers Idea Workshop – How to make your good ideas great, by Jack Heffron

In chapter one he talks about works that seem to remain unfinished and are ‘clogging your time and interest’. He advises you put them to one side, at least for a while, and let yourself move on.

I went off to check what’s sitting in my fiction writing folders on my laptop.

1 three-book fantasy series
4 stand-alone novels (includes this year’s and last year’s nanos)
21 poems
9 fantasy and science fiction short stories
1 science fiction novella
2 other short stories (speculative and historical fiction)
Plus a whole bunch of ideas and extracts that aren’t complete enough to be considered actual stories

This doesn’t include work I have on paper in various places, which includes at least 3 more novels plus numerous short stories and novellas.

Do you know how many of those are finished?

Four short stories.



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