Planning? Uh….

I don’t like to do too much planning before I start writing Nanowrimo novels. It makes it feel too much like work. I’ve created my world and done some work into the motivation of my characters but, when it comes to plot, I want to set my imagination free and tag along for the ride.

I don’t know how this novel story will end. To me the novel feels rather like a half-forgotten memory. You almost know what happens, you can dimly see parts of it, but the whole is yet to reveal itself.

Obviously I still need to have some idea of the things I would like to happen so I don’t spend all of November staring at the wall, so this is that way I plot my nanos.

Firstly, over the course of a month or two, I will mull over what might happen in the novel. Eventually I type these events/feelings/actions up in a list, making each one a line or two.

This year they include things like: Discover fate of Esloi army; Laryn and Koben have a semi-reconciliation; Falrim finds out his wife is betraying him – deals with it; Asollu is kidnapped (twice actually, she should be more careful); djinn occupy Alzremi.

Next, I print out and cut up each one.

Next I went out and bought a pinboard. This high quality example set me back £3.29. I pin my paper strips in some kind of rough chronological order. It doesn’t have to be perfect at the start – they can move around, be added to or removed while I write the novel.

Here’s the finished plot board. I got one that also had a wipe clean board which should be handy for making quick notes.

Last year I had a convenient wall next to where I did all my writing so I stuck them with blu-tac them to that (see below). This year I dont have one writing place,  I tend to move around between my bedroom, the living room and the conservatory, so a movable board will work well. The important this is that you can easily see and mull over the plot board, and you can move them around as the story develops.

4 thoughts on “Planning? Uh….

  1. aarongraham

    I truly admire all of you Nanowrimoians! I have wondered how you do it…and now I know. *tipping my hat in respect*

    You guys are amazing! Make sure you tell us how it goes!

    1. kirosl Post author

      Thanks – It’s a great thing to have a go at. I’m thinking about blogging every day during nanowrimo – you can never have too many excuses to procrastinate


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