New(ish) jewellery

Here are a few pieces I made over the summer.

This is a pair of bracelets, designed to be worn together. I made them to match a black and tan polka dot dress I bought for job interviews. They’ve been worn to two interview but are yet to bring me luck 🙂 The focal bead is a beautiful rose carved from sea bamboo (which I’ve just googled and found out is a type of coral – whoops – I always avoid using coral). They also have beads made from lava rock, glass and obsidian chips.

Black and antique gold/copper bracelets

This bracelet was a gift for my mother, a whimsical little thing, mostly glass beads with a couple of swarovski crystals. I wanted to try out the technique of using three strands of tiger tail (the wire).

Pink glass and gold-coloured beads on gold tiger tail

This is similar to a necklace I made for a friend a couple of years ago. I’d always wanted a version for myself and finally got around to it. It’s quite nautically inspired – it always reminds me of the fenders on the side of boats. The beads – a mixtue of frosted and iridescent glass, plain wood and my favourite glazed ceramic – are knotted onto silk cord. I wasnt sure what length to make this, so I’ve attached a copper extension chain. You can remove the chain entirely for a shorter length necklace.

Glass, ceramic and wood beads on silk cord, with copper extension chain.

And I made a simple pair of earrings to go with it. These were one of my favourite bead finds of the summer – I love that frosted blue.

Frosted blue glass and antique gold earrings

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