N minus 3 hours

As nanowrimo approaches I’ve found myself getting busier and busier.

Finding a paying job has to come before writing unfortunately and I have two job interviews between now and Monday. Both are in London (14 hours travel per interview). I also have another job application form to submit by tomorrow. As the personal statements come in between 1,500 – 3,500 words it’s a fair amount of work.

Still, I have a month to write this novel, so I’m fairly relaxed. I’ve also done a fair bit of preparation. I’ve long suspected that I don’t plan enough when it comes to writing fiction.

I think that’s partly because my learning style is to get on and try things, and also because I’ve always had a fairly amateur approach to writing. And by ‘amateur’ I mean writing in a rather scattergun fashion because I enjoyed it, not because I have any specific goals in mind (beyond ‘write a story’ or ‘finish a novel’).

It means my creativity gets to wander off and have a jolly old time, but turning those writings into a coherent story takes much more work than if I’d just thought about things more carefully and strategically up front.

Part of this was from not knowing any better; being inexperienced in the craft of structuring my writing. Through the magic of the internet, the odd book, much trial and error and a fair bit of pondering, I’ve learnt a lot more about the business of writing novels over the last couple of years.

Building on the character development and motivation work I’d already done and my plot board, I’ve now got 14 outlined chapters, enough to make a healthy start and probably good for 25,000 words.

Just 3 hours until I can start!


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