1 November: Round up

I woke up feeling a bit concerned about all the things I have to get done between now and next Monday – not least of which are two job interviews and finishing a job application today.  Sadly, Nanowrimo is the least urgent – although most interesting – of those tasks!

I really don’t want to get behind on my word count because nothing saps your motivation like that but, if something has to be dropped this week, it has to be writing. I have time yet.

I had my cast off today after 5 weeks and was surprised (when I really shouldn’t have been) at how stiff and sore my wrist is. Bizarrely, it’s actually less functional than when I still had the cast on supporting it. Typing is not too bad as long as I give it frequent short rests, so I don’t see any real issues.

I managed a few more words today on top of the 1,731 at midnight, namely..

  • 180 words on my laptop in bed this morning, in between revising for an interview.
  • 376 words on my iPhone while out and about including: in the car (I wasn’t driving); in fracture clinic waiting room; in cubicle waiting to see the nurse.
  • 20 words at home in evening in between finishing job application. Ah well, every little helps.

This puts my day one total at 2,307 words, 640 above target. An unremarkable, but perfectly sufficient start 🙂


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