4 November: Ups and downs

A day of ups and downs – not necessarily related to nanowrimo.  Today’s my birthday and I spent the day with family and got some lovely messages and presents but I also found out I didn’t get the job I interviewed for yesterday and didn’t get interviews for two other jobs I’d applied for.

Job hunting is quite draining and, after nearly 6 months, I’m feeling rather tired of the whole thing. At least I have another interview on Monday (more travelling and revision), although I don’t think I have much of a chance at this one. I was quite surprised I actually got an interview! Then at 5.25pm today I got a call offering me an interview for another job I’d applied for. Saved at the 11th hour 🙂

I was feeling tired today and not terribly inspired to write. Historically during  nanowrimo I never do very much on my birthday, so this is not unusual! At the moment I’m just keeping on top of things and by next Friday, when I’m back from the two interviews, I’ll try to put in some larger word count days. If at any point in November I do manage to get a job things could get rather busy, so it’s as well to have a cushion in the bank (to mix my metaphors).

Today’s word count – a paltry 598 words, but I’m still slightly ahead of target because of previous days.  I have also backed up my novel using the complex and high-tech method of emailing it to my hotmail account.


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