5 November: blah and then ooh!

I’ve not been terribly enamoured with my nano novel for the last couple of days. It seems to consist mostly of people standing around talking. And sighing. They sigh a lot.

I’m a firm believer of the adage, ‘if it’s boring to write, it’s boring to read’.

I needed to get my characters out and doing stuff again so I decided to break out the ‘plot escapes’. These are a list of exciting/crazy things that could happen in the novel. When I’m struggling to write I wheel them out. Today was randomly selected…

No.17. caught in a wildfire.

I wasn’t sure how this was going to work as most of my main characters are in an underground bunker in a city. Not so many trees. But then I realised I’d just started writing a flashback sequence set twenty years earlier in the foothills of a mountain. A wildfire was not only possible, it turned out to work really well, allowing me to introduce a character who is a sociopath. She actually set the fire, despite knowing her brother was in the area, because she was curious what would happen.

Today’s word count was 1,899 words, for a grand total of 8,705, slightly ahead of target.

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