8 November: Plodding along

I’m currently caught between the double whammy of a) not having the time or focus to write (because of having 3 job interviews in one week and being away from home) and b) my novel being truly dreadful.

I suspect some level of correlation exists between the two. Not having time to focus properly on writing leads to some rather patchy work.

Still, I managed to scrape together 1,705 words today so, while I’m not catching up my 2,000 word loss, I’m not falling further behind either.

I’m finding I need to change quite a lot of details, but rather than go back and change things (which is certainly against the spirit of nanowrimo and will hammer your word count) I just start writing as if the change was always true. The king of one country has changed into someone else. A cavern my characters have been hiding in has just miraculously changed size and shape. It’s a bit like watching a soap opera where an actors are switched and no-one comments on it.

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