13 November: Keep on running

I went out for a run this afternoon. This was only the 3rd run I’ve been on since I broke my arm 7 weeks ago.

I’ve jogged on and off all my life – including an embarrasingly slow 10k a few years ago – but I never really enjoyed it. It was something I did because it was a cheap and effective way to keep fit and I felt I ought to be doing it.

When I got back from travelling in May I was keen to get fit again for football so I started running regularly. But this time something odd happened.

I actually started to enjoy it.

There are probably a few reasons for this. One was no doubt the fact I was not working and often going for a jog was the only time I left the house all day. Also my attitude towards running had changed. Unconsciously I did what NLP calls reframing. Rather than seeing it as a chore, I saw being able to run as a priviledge. In the last couple of years a few of my friends have had to give up running and sports due to injures, mostly knee and back related, and I realised how lucky I was to be able to get out and pound the pavements.

One of the most valuable things I get from running is a real creative boost. I find I have lots of great ideas while out and about. Today it achieved what I’d hoped it would and kick-started some ideas for the nanowrimo novel. The trick was just trying to remember them all until I got home.

I’m still behind (5,628 words to be precise) but I’ve passed my target today (1,682 words) and tomorrow catch-up week begins. By the end of the week I aim to be ahead of target.

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