14 November: Some progress at last

This morning I’m back to my weekday unemployed person’s routine of: job hunting and filling out application forms; writing fiction; jogging; tidying up the kitchen; general admin; entertaining the cats; eating leftovers; drinking too much teeth-strippingly strong coffee; and surfing the internetdamnyouinternetyousuckeroftime.

Anyway, the pertinent point for this blog post is that I should be able to get back on track with the word count this week. I’ve managed 2,278 words this morning and should be able to get some more done before the end of the day  to make inroads to my wordcount deficit.

The story is starting to pick up a bit of pace. The characters are still mostly stuck in that cavern and they’re really starting to get fed up with it now. A break-out is imminent. To be followed by a kidnapping, a betrayal, a theft, a fight, a rescue and a change of loyalties. Then they might actually get to leave the city and go off and explore the rest of the world. Hoorah!


2 thoughts on “14 November: Some progress at last

  1. Aimee

    Thank you so much for these great, revealing posts on your journey through NaNoWriMo! This is my first year and the battle I’m doing with my inner critic could be a novel in and of itself. I find your words to be encouraging simply because they mirror some of my own concerns and issues. And thinking of you squeezing a few words in here and there while traveling or waiting is inspiring as well. Keep up the good work and thanks!


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