15 November: Escape from the cavern

I woke up with the unemployment blahs today. Mostly I think because I had a really positive interview last Thursday, one of the very few (of nine interviews) I was actually quite confident about. But it’s now Tuesday and I still haven’t heard anything so back to the drawing board. I did get offered an interview yesterday for a job I hadn’t actually applied for which is something!

Anyway, this supposed to be is a nanowrimo blog entry. I wrote 3,370 words yesterday which I was fairly pleased with, but I’d got stuck on a plot point. This morning I decided to apply the jogging technique.

I had three characters who needed to get access to a member of the Assembly (the ruling government). The characters had found this impossible earlier in the novel but this time one of the other characters claimed she had a plan. What plan?! Why did no-one tell me what the plan was??

So, with my problem in mind, I jogged off down the hill. After a few minutes I glanced over into someone’s garden where there was a vegetable patch. Perhaps they could get in via the kitchen garden in the servants entrance, I thought…but then they’d still need to get access to the Assembly member.

Hunting! They can go to forest where the Assembly members go hunting and sidle up to them there. Problem solved after 9 mins of jogging.

Today I’ve managed another 1,716 words for a total of 21,199 words. And everyone’s out of the cavern!

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