A quick word on backing up novels

Every year during nanowrimo you hear tales of people who have lost everything they’ve written. Sometimes because they’ve failed to back up their novels, sometimes because their back up has gone wrong as well.

I have about the simplest procedure for backing up my novel. It’s not entirely fool-proof but it would require two completely separate things to fail simultaneously so it’s pretty good.

Step 1: Every day when you start writing, copy your existing document, rename it (I use the novel name plus the number for the date) and write in that new document. This way you have a separate document for each day’s work and if that document somehow corrupts you can very easily go back to the previous day’s.

Step 2: Regularly email your novel to yourself using a remote service like hotmail. I’m a bit rubbish and only do it about once a week, but once a day would be very easy. Now if anything happens to your computer you can access your novel from anywhere with internet.

Step 3: There is no step 3.

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