16 November: There’s not enough fighting going on

So, I’m starting to think I should have actually done a bit more world building.

Today I had to write a scene in a forest. I know it’s hot in this country but I’ve never pinned down exactly what kind of climate it has. Is it hot and temperate like the Mediterranean or hot and tropical like the Caribbean? Or is it a little cooler but still warm and rainy like New Zealand? I’ve imagined it as all of those at one time or another. I’ve also started to vaguely allude to it being early Autumn. I have no idea what that actually entails in whatever climate it ends up being. Wetter, drier, colder, the same? Are the trees deciduous?

I’ve also become aware the novel’s been a bit (very) dull so far. There really is a complete lack of almost anything resembling action. I’ve just started to write my first fight scene after 22,000 words. What kind of fantasy novel is this?!!

I have a poor character who, despite being present in the majority of scenes, has only just spoken. I suspect I might need to cut him out in edits. At the moment I had some idea of bumping him off at some point, but the reader is barely going to know who he is, so there won’t be much point!

Today’s total stands at 2,395 words (actually my 3rd largest daily total this nano) and I’m slowly catching up.

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