20 November: To trilogy or not to trilogy

When I was planning this novel I wrote up 14 sections which I estimated should see me through to about 25,000 words. I’m at about 32,000 words so far and I’m only on section 9.

I still have a lot of story to get through.

Works of modern fantasy fiction seem less often to be stand-alone novels than a series. It’s what people like to read; it takes a lot of words to create a new world and tell a ripping yarn. These series most often come in 3,5 or 10 books.

I have long pondered whether this story should be a stand-alone novel, or whether I should aim for a 3-book series. (5 would be too much, 10 would make me want to jump off a bridge).

I had aimed for a stand-alone novel as that seemed an easier thing for a first time novelist to write, whilst being aware that a series would probably be more marketable.

I’ve written about 75,000 so far for this novel and I have about 45,000 words left to play with. Can the story be satisfyingly concluded in 45,000 words? My gut feeling – probably not.

Is there enough story to fill another 250,000 words? Yeegads! Who knows?

Todays total of 2,110 words puts me just 298 words behind target. I’ll be away from home next weekend, so it would be as well to try to get ahead this week.

Edited to add, I just managed some more before midnight and I’m now officially 7 words ahead of the target total.

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