Unicorns and mulicorns

My friend mentioned I should customise a model unicorn so I thought I’d post pictures of the couple I’ve done in the past.

This first was done about four years ago for a secret santa gift, so I don’t own her. I almost never sell or give away my custom horses, so I think this is only one of three that I don’t still have.

Purple unicorn. Just because.

I gave her a more bushy mane and tail plus extra feather on the legs. I added the horn and gave her cloven hooves. She was painted using pastels and acrylics to a shaded purple with faint dappling.

I also made this cute little base for her. It’s supposed to be the flagstone floor from a ruined castle that’s been reclaimed by nature.

The base was made with modelling clay, a ready-made flagstone floor section I painted, lots of scatter, tiny bushes and the log is a tree root I found on Dartmoor.

The only other horned equid I’ve made is this mulicorn. It’s a mule; it has a horn; it’s a mulicorn. I resculpted the mane and tail, added the horn and clove the hooves (if that’s a verb). He’s mostly prepped and ready to paint, one of a large number of unfinished customs I have squirrelled away waiting for the right moment to be finished. I haven’t had any colour inspiration yet. What do you think? I couldn’t decide whether to make him a real colour or a fantasy colour.

Mostly prepped but unpainted mulicorn

I also made this base. The little boulders are what I make with the bits of modelling clay I always have left over after working on horses. It’s supposed to be a dry-ish Wyoming style landscape. I’m not saying they have mulicorns in Wyoming. But…

4 thoughts on “Unicorns and mulicorns

  1. Carla

    ohmygod… i am SO JEALOUS of whoever got that unicorn as a secret santa! he’s beautiful 😀

    I think a realistic colour would be good on the mulicorn. and that’s a perfectly acceptable made-up word that should be inserted into the dictionary forthwith 😛


  2. Stargazer

    Wow!! I loooove the mulicorn. I agree with Carla, a normal colouring for the mule’s body would work well but with a fantasy colour for the horn. Gosh, I wonder who’s getting that for Christmas?

    Have you ever done any flying horses? (you can sense I’m on a roll now…)

  3. kirosl Post author

    I do actually have some beautiful resin wings (horse and foal sized) that I’ve never got round to using


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