22 November: Into the home stretch

It’s just occurred to me today that there’s not much longer left for nanowrimo 2011. Well, 8 days, which I suppose is still over 25%, but it feels like it’s winding up. Which is a bit sad.

I’ve got just 10,365 words left to go to reach 50,000 as I’m slightly ahead of target. I’ve actually done my largest one day total today – 4,030 words.

As mentioned earlier this week, 50k words won’t see me anywhere near the end of this story. I’m also not likely to hit the 75,000 word target I rather optimistically hinted at, at the start but I should beat 50,000. I intend to continue writing to the end of November; usually I stop once I reach 50k.

Reaching 50,000 words is important to me, but finishing the story is more important in the grand scheme of things. Nothing is as productive for me as nanowrimo, so I need to get as much done as possible.


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