24 November: Creative reservoirs

Throughout nanowrimo participants are sent weekly pep talks. I thought today’s was rather helpful. It was written by Brandon Sanderson, an author who has had a nano novel published, no less!

Among other things, he talks about creative reservoirs, or wells. The idea that we have a certain amount of writing in us each day and then we need to refill the reservoir by doing other activities.

Burrator Reservoir (see what I did there?) a few miles up the road from here. This was taken last winter when it was particularly cold.

This is something I’ve been noticing in myself. I can crank out a couple of chapters and then inspiration dries up. Typically I refill my reservoir best by doing things outside the house, particularly travelling. Whether jogging or sitting on public transport with my notebook, I find those very creative times to mull things over and plan the next couple of chapters.

My reservoir’s certainly felt a bit dry the last day or two and they’ve been slow days. I managed just 849 words today.

I had a bit of inspiration about the direction the next few chapters are going to take as I got back from my run today and tomorrow I have a seven hour coach journey, so I should have no problems filling that reservoir.

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