25 November: The elephant in the room

I’ve written about a thousand words today. I have around 7,500 left.

The elephant in the room is still whether I keep this as a one book story or make it a trilogy. My instinct is that it’s trilogy material. There are too many characters, too much activity has been centred in one place – it feels very unbalanced for a novel. It almost seems determined to drag itself out.

Let me explain.

In the first 45,000 words (written a couple of years ago) the following happens

Three people find out a terrible secret and escape from a city just before a great malevolent force is let loose.

A man is retrieved from exile, but refuses to do the bidding of his captors and escapes instead.

A young woman is on the run from various people out to get her.

That sets things up nicely.

In the next 40,000 words (which for those of you who don’t measure by such things, is a third of a very decent sized novel) these people form a kind of uneasy alliance and spend most of the time preparing for an invasion which still hasn’t arrived. That’s it. Oh there’s a few kidnaps and a few murders and learning to use magic and reconciling family relationships and sighing and worrying about the future.

There’s certainly no chance of it being finished in 7,500 words.

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