26 November: countdown to 50k

This nanowrimo I’d intended to try to beat my best ever one-day total which stands at around 5,000 words. One thing and another got in the way and I haven’t actually sat down and written uninterrupted for a whole day.

Today is the last chance. By 3.30pm I will be home with a whole evening alone ahead of me. I have 7,500 words left to get to 50k. I’ve planned the next few chapters and I’m going to have a crack at getting to 50,000 words tonight.

I’ll blog progress updates as the afternoon and evening progress.

5.40pm: I’ve done my first 3,000 words in about 2 hours. The story is flowing fairly well, although my recently healed broken wrist is a bit sore. I probably picked up my heavy suitcase too much yesterday!

9.00pm: Progress is going well, despite a bit of a hiatus to cook dinner and watch Celebrity Strictly Come Dancing. I’ve written 5,482 words tonight for a running total of 48,150. I’m not the most disciplined person for just sitting down and writing but I do love a good deadline and after 26 days of this my writing focus is relatively good.

11.12pm: it’s all over 🙂 50,072 words, 7,404 today.


One thought on “26 November: countdown to 50k

  1. Stargazer

    Fantastic news!! Well done you. Ahead of deadline and writing with an injured wrist. I’m very impressed. Can’t wait for this one to go to the publishers. xx


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