27 November: Congratulations, it’s a baby trilogy!

I can no longer deny the inevitable. The novel I’ve just (more or less) finished for nanowrimo is the first book of a trilogy.

I now have to make a decision.

1) Put this one on ice and go back to my WW1 novel which is in second draft stage.

2) Edit this novel.

3) Write the first drafts of the second and third books in this trilogy.

My initial feeling is the first option. The WW1 novel is much nearer completion and I should do that while it’s relatively fresh in my mind.

This trilogy is obviously a very large investment of time. I have to write two more books equal in length to this plus edit them all. I also have very little idea of what will happen, so there’s lots of planning and research to be done.

I want to finish a novel. You can’t be a novelist without a novel. The WW1 novel is my furthest along so far.

I’ve written nothing today. My 50k is complete but I would like to take the story to a logical conclusion, so I’m going to try to do this before 30th November.

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