29 November: Almost time for the fat lady to sing

I’d said I was going to keep writing in November after I got to 50,000 words but I haven’t written anything since 26th.

Partly this is because I’ve been away from home and busy but mostly it’s because of mulling over what this novel is going to be. I don’t want to keep writing if I then have to go back and change a lot.

I’m not sure at this stage whether to do a bit more work on this novel now or whether to put it aside for a while to mature. Like a fine cheese.

Probably the latter will happen by default as I have two more job interviews next week, a bunch of volunteering work to do and I need to make a lot of Xmas presents, so December is spoken for!

2 thoughts on “29 November: Almost time for the fat lady to sing

  1. peggyspickles

    I love cheese. Congratulations on reaching your target – meant to say it the day you actually reached it, but better late than never I guess!

    I have enjoyed reading about the high’s and low’s of nanowrimo. I’m not sure I will ever be up to the challenge!

  2. kirosl Post author

    Thank you – perhaps there’s an equivalent sewing challenge – like the dress a day 🙂
    I like cheese too. And wine.


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