My novelling plans for 2012

As I mentioned before, I’m now going to concentrate on completing my fantasy novel, City of Djinn. My plan is to get it to a near publishable standard (i.e. something I’d send off to agents and publishers) by the end of 2012. This is perfectly achievable with a bit of application. Cough..I have a lot of that obviously…

My provisional timetable looks something like this.

By end January 2012 – have completed the first draft. I need to write about another 50,000 words so it’s like doing another nanowrimo in January.

By end May 2012 – have completed the second draft

June/July 2012 – Have some willing guinea pigs read it over and give feedback

August – Dec 2012 – more edits, researching markets etc..

From 2013 – start sending it out to agents and publishers. Crack on with the next novel!

In between I plan to do other things such as attend a writer’s group, read more books on writing and editing novels and perhaps attend a short evening class if I can find an appropriate one.

So that’s the plan – you’re all welcome to badger me and poke me with (metaphorical) pointy sticks if it looks like I’m slacking.

10 thoughts on “My novelling plans for 2012

  1. Jess

    Good luck with the novel! Not sure I could crack something out so fast… But then, perhaps it’s just having the courage to try 🙂 Go for it!

  2. Novel Girl

    If you are a planner then a few drafts will suffice. But if you pants it (let the story create itself as you write), then you might end up doing eight to ten drafts. Unfortunately, my writing was very amateur when I began my WIP novel. I’m now up to draft eight and I’m finally getting a firm grasp on how to “write” a compelling, well-planned story.

    STORY ENGINEERING by Larry Brooks set me on track. I’ve detailed how to write three-dimensional characters with practical uses you can take out for your own writing, as he explains in his “Character” section. If you’re interested, you can read it here:

    Two tips: don’t give up — ever. And always strive to learn new things about writing.

    1. kirosl Post author

      Hi, thanks for the comments and the link – I’ll check it out. I’ve been bumbling away at writing novels since I was 14 – twenty three years now – and I’ve come to the conlcusion if I don’t set some ambitious targets and just flippin well sit down and get on with it, it will never happen. I like Holly Lisle’s One Pass Manuscript Revision –

      1. Novel Girl

        That article was just amazing. Thank you so much for linking me! Wow.

        And you are only seventeen? Don’t worry. People publish their first novels in their forties and fifties. Even if you take your time, you will be amongst the youngest writers.

      2. Novel Girl

        Can I delete my comment? I got so caught up in the moment. I looked at your pic and thought, okay. Seventeen. I’m not going to tell her what her age is.

        Oh, don’t I wish I could slip quietly into a hole and die. I’m pretty sure I just murdered all of my merit.


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