You must be crackers

I wanted to make my own Christmas crackers this year. This always seems like a good idea until it’s Christmas Eve and you’re still trying to construct the flipping things. I’d made some a few years ago with a kit but my ambitions were greater this year and I decided to make them from scratch.

First I mocked one up to check sizings, then used these dimensions to make a card template. I was going for a kind of olde-fashioned, home-made look (just as well, really…) so I made them from brown paper.

I punched little Xmas tree shaped holes from the edges and taped green tissue inside.

This is the somewhat less than attractive guts of the thing. A toilet roll tube for the centre, and corrugated card (salvaged form the plumber when he installed the new radiators) to stiffen the ends. I also taped in the snap (bought from ebay). The outside has already been decorated by this point.

Inside each I put a hat (bought from ebay), chocolate snowman, lego figure and two jokes (sourced from the interwebs and printed out). And here’s the finished cracker. The outside was decorated with stamps and Japanese coloured paper, and tied with my favourite striped twine. You’ll be pleased to hear they did work propely, snap and all.


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