New cards

Here are a few cards I’ve made recently.

These two are thank you cards – you always need thank-you cards after xmas. They’re made from hand-printed Japanese paper.

This is a 30th birthday card. You guessed that, didncha? More Japanese paper plus cute little glue-on gems that come in a rainbow wheel.

These are are made from layered paper with a stuck-on printed beach-hut, cut from card.

This card uses a fish stamp I carved from lino. It was inspired by the holey paper, which looked a bit like a fishing net. It was for a vegetarian so, of course, the fish had to be escaping. They have gems for eyes.

This is another using the fish stamp and a little hook made from brass wire. In a similar theme to the previous one – the fish have ignored the hook 🙂

And finally a cupcake birthday card. The cup cakes were stamped with black waterproof ink, coloured with watercolour pencils, then cut them out and stuck on the card. The cherries are red glitter.

One thought on “New cards

  1. Starryeyed

    Lovely cards. Do I recognise that little birdy? That’s so sweet about the fish escaping the net, I didn’t notice that before but I appreciate it even more now. You are sooo talented. Everytime I wear the stars & fish necklace I get good comments about it. xxx


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