Upping sticks

Monday saw my first big change of 2012; I moved back to London.

After spending four months travelling and another eight months living with my parents and job hunting I really needed a change. It should be easier for me to pick up temping work living in London. It also means I can play again with my football team, attend my old writer’s group, volunteer, see my friends more regularly and many other things it was difficult to do whilst living in Devon.

I also have my own desk again for the first time in a year. I hadn’t realised how much I missed that.

The view outside is much nicer than it looks in this photo – it’s cute little Victorian cottages and masses of blue sky.

Progress on City of Djinn has been slow so far. I’m hoping once I get a bit more settled in London I can get into more of a routine. I’ve done some useful planning towards writing the last third of the novel including some interesting research into the climate, flora and fauna of Tanzania!

However, so far I’ve only actually written about 1,400 words. This is obviously not getting me very close to the 40-50,000 words I estimate I need to write to finish it. By the end of January.

At the moment I’m enjoying developing the relationship between two of the characters – Hargyun and Laryn* who are travelling together on a bit of a mission. He’s older (40ish) and world-weary but has developed a sense of almost fatherly protectiveness towards Laryn. She’s about 18 and tests Hargyun at every turn, getting into all sorts of scrapes (which she often manages to extract herself from while leaving the others behind). She’s a thief and a liar and an opportunist because she’s learnt that’s the only way to survive, but she’s slowly starting to trust the others. Their interactions are fun to write and often quite comedic.

*After five years, I’ve only just realised they have very similar looking names, despite coming from different countries. I’ll have to tweak one. All names are liable to change at this point.

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