New jewellery – December 2011

Here are three pieces of jewellery I made as gifts for Christmas.

This is one of my favourite pieces – I have one myself too and I probably wear it more than any other thing I’ve made. It uses faceted labradorite rondelles and real silver. I love labradorite – its iridescence reminds me of mackerel, one of my favourite fish.

Labradorite and silver bracelet

I’d been seeing lots of jewellery around using thin strands of thread or leather and wanted to try something similar. This uses very thin red leather and brass beads.

Red leather and brass bracelet

Finally, this was made for my friend who writes a blog called ‘Stars & Fish’. I wanted to bring in visual elements of the sea, including a star and a fish. Other beads include black and cream pearls, a striped shell and a shell disk, silver clam shell, blue ceramic and glass beads and opaque flourite that resembles seaglass.

Sea-themed necklace


2 thoughts on “New jewellery – December 2011

  1. Starryeyed

    The Stars & Fish necklace you made me has received major reviews here at work. Are you sure you don’t want to make some to sell? Thanks for plugging my blog! xx


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