A little update – priorites and small progress

Earlier this week I was having a bit of a sulk because I didn’t feel I was really getting anywhere achieving my goals. I also found out I hadn’t got an interview for a job I’d applied for last month which is always a bit annoying, especially when I’d already interviewed once before for that role.

My flatmate pointed out, rather reasonably I suppose, that I had given myself until the end of the year to achieve my goals and we’re only halfway through February.

Happily, since Monday I’ve managed to complete and submit three job applications and finish and enter a short story into a competition (in addition to working full time), thereby satisfying even my completely unrealistic expectations. I am admittedly rather tired now.

I don’t think the short story is much good but a) I suspect I will always think that way about the things I write and b) if I don’t get on and enter/submit anything I certainly won’t ever become a published writer. So I finally sent it, 40 mins before the closing date. I’ll put it up here in the next month, so you’ll be able to judge for yourself. I can never think of titles and was forced to fall back on my old favourite technique from childhood of using a meaningful-sounding section of the last line in the story.

Unfortunately, in the immediate future, I think fiction writing is going to have to take a bit of a back seat to job hunting and doing things that make job hunting more successful (e.g. volunteering, research and site visits). Temping has reminded me more than ever how much I want to get a job again doing the thing I love. Nine months has been far too long. I love writing too, of course, but for the moment it just doesn’t pay the bills. Once I have a job again in my sector I can turn all my energies back to writing.


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