Almost published…

My apologies for the dearth of blog posts. All work and no play make for a dull blog.

I’ve been doing full-time temp work for the last three weeks whilst still trying to find a more permanent job in my sector (submitting applications forms and preparing for interviews). I’ve also been doing some volunteering work for two charities, which I’m hoping will improve my chances of landing said job. All this has not left much time for more interesting pursuits.

I did have a small writing success of sorts this week. I occasionally buy Women’s Running magazine and back in the autumn thought I had an interesting subject for a letter. The star letter each month wins a prize. A month ago I finally sat down and wrote a quick email to the magazine.

Yesterday I found out I had won this month’s star letter and consequently a nice Asics running top. It’s a piece of short prose targeted at a particular market that’s been printed and earned me payment so I’ll count that as a success 🙂

I haven’t seen the magazine so I don’t know how the letter was edited but here it is in its entirety.

Last year I lost my job and ended up unemployed and living back with my parents – not somewhere any 36 year old woman wants to find herself. In an attempt to stay healthy and get out of the house I took up running regularly, up to four times a week. I’ve run on and off over the years – once even doing a 10km – but this time something strange happened. I found I actually enjoyed it! Running has become really important to me. It helps me to relax and gain new perspectives as my mind wanders creatively as I jog around the country lanes. I’m still job hunting but I’ll always be grateful that this period of unemployment gave me an unexpected love of running.

5 thoughts on “Almost published…

  1. kirosl Post author

    You’re back! 🙂 Hey, I had a letter published in the Guardian once too. That was probably more impressive, but they don’t give out prizes unfortunately.


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