And today’s good news….

I’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging front but I have a good reason for my distraction. I’ve been focussing on job hunting activities and yesterday they finally paid off when I was offered a project/exhibition manager role at one of the big national museums in London.

It’s a great position in an amazing museum and I’m very excited to be starting there at the beginning of April. It’s taken 10 months, 23 proper job applications (I lost track of the temp jobs I applied for) and 12 interviews.

Writing has been very much neglected for most of the last month, so I’ll now be turning my attention back to that. As anticipated, I didn’t get anywhere with the short story competition I entered earlier in the month so now I’ll have a scout out for another to enter and get back into the habit of writing my novel regularly.

4 thoughts on “And today’s good news….

  1. Julie

    Congrats on the job! That’s awesome to hear!

    And remember, in writing, the experience of having written always gets you somewhere, even if it’s not published. Every story you write, long or short, can be a lesson, a step forward as a writer 🙂

  2. kirosl Post author

    Thanks, Julie. i was just pleased to have actually written something and entered 🙂 It’s been several years since I wrote a new short story from scratch!


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