New jewellery inspiration

Here’s a round-up of some of the most inspirational jewellery I’ve come across recently.

Book necklace from Peg and Awl

I love these little book necklaces from Peg and Awl. Inspires me to try making things with leather – I have a stash of scrap pieces from my forays into making model horse tack a few years ago. Peg and Awl make some wonderful things from reclaimed materials – be sure to check them out.

Floral Button pendant necklace by Lune Designs

This is by a piece by Lune Designs. I love the rustic, original, characterful work she creates. She also writes a very interesting blog – The Cerebral Dilettante.

I could look at handmade lampwork beads for hours. These next two illustrate two completely different styles. I love the ancient look of the second set.

'Aqua Tide' bead by Claire Scott

Glass lampwork beads by Radiantmind

I’d love to try hand felting one day. This owl brooch by ShishLOOK Design is ridiculously cute.

Hand felted owl brooch by ShishLOOK Design

2 thoughts on “New jewellery inspiration

  1. Chloe

    Ooh, you should try felting, I failed at needle felting but adore wet felting, though have only managed flat things thus far, I’d like to make some vessels one day.


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