Crafting ahoy!

I’ve been itching to make things. I keep seeing jewellery or textiles that inspire me. I want to sculpt and paint horses. This is not helped by the fact I’ve not had access to any of my arts and crafts supplies since mid-January. This weekend I got to spend some time with them. All being well, we should be reunited for good at Easter when I move everything back to my current home.

Before I get crafting again, here are a few bits I made before Christmas that haven’t yet seen the light of day on this blog.

This is a necklace and earring set I made my mother for Christmas to match one of her outfits. I really like this colour combination – it’s one of my favourites. They use glass and lucite flowers and swarovski crystals on a brass chain.

Green, blue and brass flower necklace

Green, blue and brass earrings

I just finished up this little fabric button badge this weekend. I cut a circle of fabric and sewed red seed beds to outline the rose. Then I cut a smaller circle of card, added a little padding fluff and sewed around the fabric to pull it tight around the card circle. I glued it all in place. Lastly I sewed a pin fastening to a circle of felt, then glued that to the back of the badge, covering up the messy bit.

Rose button badge

Painting is not my forte, but I keep having the occasional crack at it. This is a painting in acrylics I did back in the summer. It’s based on a photograph I took of a beach at the north east tip of the North Island in NZ. It was the most unusual place, with strange, ethereal white mist and sand. I wanted to have a go at bringing in different colours to a scene that at first glance seems to be quite monochromatic. It was an interesting exercise and parts of it are more successful than others – bascially I quite like the top half and don’t like the bottom half!

Beach, Northland, New Zealand

This was the original photo, put through the ‘auto smart fix’ filter in Photoshop to make the colours pop out more.

Northland beach

This is another photo of the beach, showing the colours more as they really were that day.

Northland beach, NZ, May 2011

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