Novel update

Progress on the first draft of City of Djinn has been fairly slow. Imagine a snail who has left his shoe at home, faced with crossing a road covered in broken glass.

It’s not the fault of the novel. This should be the most exciting part as we draw towards the conclusion – the wrapping up of story threads, big reveals, confrontations, battles, deaths…

As is often the case, outside life has been getting in the way. I started a new job three weeks ago and I’ve been sick twice in last two weeks. Both of these have taken up much of my brain power and physical energy. As I settle into the job and kick this last cold, I’m planning to get back on track.

The characters have split into three groups in three different locations, each searching for something – a thing or some knowledge – that will help them prevail against the baddies. Soon they’ll regroup in the city of Alzremi for the final showdown. I still don’t know how that will pan out. I’m just giving them a number of things that might help and I’ll see what happens when I throw it all together.

I estimate I probably have around 15,000 words left to write. The total word count currently stands at around 100,000.

Once I complete the first draft I’m going to treat myself to a copy of Scrivener, a software package for writers. It gets very good recommendations and, at only £30, is  worth a go. It has lots of functionality to help structure novels, which will be very useful in the rewrite stage.

To finish up with a picture, here’s something I made last week – simple labradorite earrings. I’ve been working on make my wire wrapping much neater and it’s certainly getting better.

Labradorite earrings


2 thoughts on “Novel update

  1. Starryeyed

    For the sake of all of your fans (some of whom have been waiting for decades!) please hurry up and finish your novel, then get it published dammit!! My dress for the book launch is in danger of not fitting any more…


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