My favourite way to do research

You can’t beat personal experience of something to give your writing an adrenaline shot of realism. That’s a bit trickier if you’re writing about made-worlds but nothing is entirely new or lacking a foundation in reality and there’s a whole world of inspiration out there. In fact, I believe travel is one of the most valuable things you can do to improve your writing.

Much of the setting and culture of City of Djinn is influenced by my experiences travelling around the Mediterranean Coast – Italy, Spain, Greece, Morocco and Egypt. When I was thinking about where to go on holiday this year I decided to choose a place where I could soak an atmosphere that would be directly relevant to my novel. It’s a good time in City of Djinn to do this. The first draft is almost complete so I have a good handle on the plot and characters. Now I need to rewrite all the shonky prose, including making the setting vivid, realistic and consistent.

So earlier this month I spent two weeks travelling around the western half of Turkey. Turkey is a country with a rich past, complex culture and fascinating landscapes. I filled one and a half notebooks and took over 1,700 photos. The places I visited, food I ate, landscape and weather, clothes people wore, the layout of Roman cities, pots, jewellery and sculpture seen in museums – all this and more will feed into my novel.

Research notebooks – notes made while visiting the ruins of the ancient city of Aphrodisias

There were a few occasions where I had a peculiar sense of deja vu. This was most distinct once evening when I walked into a thirteenth-century caravanserai in Cappadocia. Caravanserai are walled compounds where traders rested their camel caravans overnight. Originally they lined the silk route every 30km, the distance a camel train can travel in one day.

Sarihan Caravanserai

I’d researched caravanserai online before writing a scene set in an abandoned caravanserai so, when I came to visit one in real life, it felt like I’d been there before. The extra details I was able to jot down will really improve this scene – the cooing of pigeons from the rafters, grass growing between the slabs, dry leaves and feathers collecting in corners, the light echo.


3 thoughts on “My favourite way to do research

  1. mlfables

    This sounds like the ideal way to do research.

    They have these Writers Weekends where you go on a short 3 day break, to a Writers Group tutorial in say Spain or Portugal.

    Its a writers course and a package holiday all rolled into one.

  2. kirosl Post author

    That sounds ideal. I looked at a two-week writers’ holiday in Greece but for that length of time I thought I’d get more out of travelling around. That and the fact you had to do improvised comedy in the afternoons….


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