Greetings from the middle of Nanowrimo!

My lack of recent blogging action is partly because I’ve been trying to focus my free time on adding to my nanowrimo word count and partly because my main laptop got a Trojan virus 24 hours before nanowrimo started.

As I had a very busy first November week at work (a large project coming to fruition, a couple of evening events and a new person starting I had to train up), plus a Halloween party followed by my birthday, I knew I’d have precious little time for writing, let alone getting my laptop fixed, so I just used my little netbook instead.

The netbook had stopped connecting to our home wireless a year ago for reasons I’d never bothered to investigate so, while it hindered my ability to surf and write blog posts, it did reinforce to me just how distracting the internet is and did my overall word count no harm at all. I do need to invest in some Internet blocking software at some point.

I also managed to break my little toe playing football. I can’t exactly blame that for my inability to concentrate while sitting still at a desk, but I’ll still throw it in there.

The novel is coming along relatively well. As of last night I was at just under 30,000 words total, 447 words behind target for this point. Since day two, I’ve been running a relatively modest deficit, which at times had stretched out as far as 4000 words behind, so I’ve almost closed the gap. I usually start to speed up at this point in the month once the end is in sight. I do like a good deadline.

This year I’d set an unofficial target of finishing a day earlier than last year, which would make it the 25th. This only gives me until end of this week to finish the final 20,000 words and to make it harder I’m going to be away all weekend visiting an old friend. Still, it’s possible…

The plot and characters have been fairly giving and I’ve mostly had enough to keep me going. So far we’ve had a murder, a false accusation, conspiracies galore, a suspected fake early hominid, flash backs to the Mahdist war in Sudan, the release of flesh-eating flies, an anonymous warning letter, a prison escape and a gooseicorn.

I’ve also recently started using Pinterest to create mood boards/reference collections for my novels. I’ve added a button to my Pinterest boards on the navigation pane to the left and here is the one for this novel – Monstrorum Historia on Pinterest.

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