A brief seaside interlude

This weekend I went down to stay with one of my oldest friends – Starryeyed – who lives on the south coast with her French husband Dr. X, who likes to cook, much to everyone’s delight.

Dr X. and I dragged Starryeyed around the Tank Museum at  Bovingdon on Saturday. I was mostly interested in the First World War tanks, which will no doubt make an appearance in my WW1 novel at some point. Starryeyed sighed a lot and then claimed she didn’t realise she was doing it.

On Sunday it stopped raining just long enough for us to rush down to the beach for some sea air.

In between the showers

Starryeyed likes to blog about secret messages in the sand.

We had a birthday present exchange (we’ll gloss over the fact it was Starryeyed’s birthday in *cough* April). I’ve been playing around with this design over the summer and made her a beaded wrap bracelet with a Greek ceramic bead as a button. In return she gave me two of my previous necklaces to repair that she’s managed to break by chewing them. We’ll see how long the bracelet lasts…

Wrap bracelet with ceramic button

2 thoughts on “A brief seaside interlude

  1. Starryeyed

    I seriously didn’t realise that I was sighing so much in the museum! Whilst I wouldn’t voluntarily go there again, it was a really interesting experience, ahem. I looove my presents so much. Thanks again. I’m very lucky to have such a creative friend. I was going to do my own blog post yesterday but Google foiled this by telling me that I’ve run out of space and would have to (gasp) start paying to keep blogging. I think that’s pretty shoddy for a free service, so blogging is temporarily suspended whilst I have a strop about it and decide whether to set up another blog. Dr X thinks I should just pay the subscription, but what does he know. Xxx


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