50,138 words of something…

Nanowrimo is now over for another eleven months. This year I finished on 29 November, 3 days later than last year (and I blogged every day last year), but then I was unemployed so it’s hardly a fair comparison.

Somewhere inside those 50,138 words is the germ of a decent novel. Like my other nanowrimo novels it’s fairly action-packed and the main character is moderately well-developed but the writing is very clichéd and it’s full of inaccuracies and strange goings-on because of the ‘no editing’ rule. Queen Victoria dies and has a funeral…and then  somehow she’s alive again with no explanation. (I decided I had more freedom with my character if she remained heir to the throne for the time being rather than becoming queen.)

Without planning it I also managed to end the story on some real cliff hangers. The three main female characters (including the aforementioned heir to the British throne) have just been kidnapped at the foot of the great pyramid in Cairo by Egyptian insurgents. Meanwhile in London the Scotland Yard Inspector has just discovered the forger who had faked the most famous specimen at the National Museum and uttered the immortal words – “Who was the man who paid you to produce this forgery?”

My main character is currently in hiding from several people who don’t wish him well, posing as a labourer on an archaeological dig in Egypt. Meanwhile, in his long running flashback sequence (from ten years previously), he has just been set up by his commanding officer (who has it in for him) and has been apprehended for desertion during the battle of Omdurman in the Sudan.

This gives me plenty to look forward to. The manuscript will now go in a metaphorical drawer until Nanowrimo 2013 when I’ll write the second half. Meanwhile I’ll return to working on my fantasy novel, City of Djinn.

I had done very little planning for this nanowrimo novel before starting it and it felt harder work than some of the previous nanowrimo’s I’ve done. I never achieved any really large word count days and I always felt I was chipping away at the plot, little by little, trying to uncover it.

For any stats freaks interested, here is the graph showing this years word count (in pink) alongside previous (blue). The ‘ideal’ line is in green – 1,667 words a day. Click to embiggen.


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