Post-NanNoWriMo life

I’m currently in a post-nanowrimo ‘I love writing’ phase and feeling much more focussed. It’s strange for me to think that only six years ago I hadn’t written anything substantial for a few years and wondered if my passion for writing was gone for good. I was going through a divorce at the time and it’s fair to say the lustre had worn off a lot of things. Then along came my first Nanowrimo (in 2007) and I never looked back.

Last weekend I sat down and consolidated the two working documents my fantasy novel, City of Djinn, was lurking in. I now have 132,225 words in 50 chapters, split into three sections, filling 262 pages (Times New Roman, 12pt, single line spaced). It’s not quite finished and there are a couple of gaps to go back and fill in, so I estimate the first draft will come in somewhere around 140,000 words.

I’m now faced with the prospect of editing. It’s fairly intimidating. That’s a lot of words to fix. I need to go back and do all that world building and consistency checking I smugly said I wasn’t going to do for the first draft. What calendar do they use? What’s the season/climate like? What are the naming conventions? How are they ruled? What languages do they speak? What religions do they practice?

I also have to pin down the personalities, voices, motivations and story arcs of the many characters. Then there’s that big old convoluted plot with twists and turns galore. My brain aches just thinking about it.

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