Giving the blog a lick of paint

My unintended hiatus from writing this blog while I’ve focussed more on fiction writing has turned into a longer ‘what do I want this blog to be and do’ dialogue.

On Diversion started as a general writing, arts, crafts and anything else I found interesting blog. Over the last couple of years I’ve become more focussed on where I spend my time and what I want to produce and it’s time for this blog to reflect that change.

My aims for this blog fall into two areas

1) To be a vehicle for sharing my own original fiction and travel writing. To date I’ve posted almost none of the former but a fair bit of the latter on my (now mothballed) travel blog.

2) To provide useful and entertaining content to those who are also interested in writing and reading. This will include sharing what I learn about becoming a better writer. It will also probably focus more on the genres in which I write – fantasy and historical fiction.

I intend to start posting again regularly on these topics, probably with some photography thrown in and I’ve given the blog a bit of a facelift. The new header is a photo I took in Wanaka, on the South Island of New Zealand, a couple of years ago.


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