Work spaces

A couple of weeks ago I moved house again, ten miles east to another leafy South London suburb. One of the first things I did was get my writing space set up. My new room is much larger than my previous one, which means I can keep the desk far less cluttered, something I’ve come to appreciate more and more.

Essentials include my laptop, pen-pot, note pad, scented candles, mug of fresh coffee and my dusty pup. The framed picture on the right is a relatively new addition – a postcard I picked up in the V&A museum shop that says ‘This is where the magic happens’.

New desk set-up

New desk set-up

I also have two bookcases in the room that hold all my books, reference materials and printed manuscripts.

Of the two available rooms in this house I picked this one as my bedroom because of the bay window and the morning sunlight to inspire me to get up and write. In doing so I passed on having the following view of the City of London. Hopefully that will prove to be a productive decision!

Looking north towards the City

Author Mary Carroll Moore wrote recently about the importance of workspaces to writers and artists. Her blog post links to some interesting photos of the workspaces of famous writers.

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