2011 Nanowrimo Diary

In 2011 I participated in my fifth NaNoWriMo. This is a writing challenge that takes place each November where the aim is to write 50,000 words in 30 days. I blogged my progress everyday, charting the highs, the lows and that all important word count.

1 November: Midnight kick off
1 November: Round up
2 November: On the road
3 November: The initial excitement starts to fade
4 November: Ups and Downs
5 November: Blah and then ooh!
6 November: Slip Sliding…
7 November: Nada.Zip.
8 November: Plodding along
9 November: When does this get fun again…
10 November: Normal service will resume soon
11 November: Back home
12 November: More of the same
13 November: Keep on running
14 November: Some progress at last
15 November: Escape from the cavern
16 November: There’s not enough fighting going on
17 November: Fight night!
18 November: Things are starting to pick up
19 November: Easy on the blood
20 November: To trilogy or not to trilogy
21 November: Nothing to report
22 November: Into the home stretch
23 November: Trundling along
24 November: Creative reservoirs
25 November: The elephant in the room
26 November: Countdown to 50k
27 November: Congratulations, it’s a baby trilogy!
28 November: Congratulations, it’s not a trilogy after all
29 November: Almost time for the fat lady to sing
30 November: That’s all folks


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